Ariel Outreach Mission

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Ariel Outreach Mission is founded by Mrs. Karla and Charles Jackson. Since 1982. Ariel has served over 200,000 single women and women with children who are most at risk.
Causes of Homelessness
employment loss
Death of a loved one
Job Transfer
Family Issues
Welfare Reform
Rent Increase
Low Income
Natural Disaster
The Mission
To help individuals and families experiencing immediate life challenges, attain shelter/housing, safety, stability and the support needed to become self-sufficient and ultimately reach sustainability.
Our desire is to continue to provide:
One-stop social service site to individuals from all walks of life. Individuals with resources and tools to be self-sufficient and remain self-sufficient. Financial, educational, health and nutritional tools that will help maintain balance in all areas of lifeHealing in order to enjoy a purposeful life We are a Non-Profit organization based in alameda county whose purpose is to reach out to poverty strickened, low income persons, or suffering from the devastation of some traumatic life-altering personal experience. We assist those who are homeless, in need of shelter/housing, food, clothing, employment assitance, job training and job placement.
Programs Overview
Our volunteers assist children with their homework, exercise, music, offer a safe place for latchkey kids, housing, free food, clothes, referrals to eye, dental and medical care. We also provide basic office skills training, computer training, and pre-employment training.
Training Includes: Tutoring, mentoring, computer training, arts and crafts, life skills assistance and recreational activities, on-site skills development, cooking and nutrition, vocational guidance, job placement, internship opportunities, manners, creativity, music education and appreciation